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Worlds Best Kailash Mansarovar Yatra: A spiritual awakening 10 facts

"And of Rudras I am Shankara, Of the Yakshas and Rakshas I am Kubera- Lord of Wealth, And of the Vasus I am the fire Of the mountains I am the Sumeru Of the greatest sages I am Bhrigu Of the sounds I am the one syllable-OHM Of the Offerings I am Japa, repetition of sacred names Of the unmoving things- I am The Mighty Himalayas I am Shiva “

1. Kailash Mansarovar is a land of Gods and Myths-According to ancient Tibetan scriptures presiding deity of Kailash was “DEMCHHOK” just like Shiva he used to wrap himself in tiger skin and wears a garland made of human skulls he used to hold small Damru in one hand and sword in another hand, on western side of Mt. Kailash there is small mountain named as “TIJUN” which is considered as abode of “Dorge Phagmo” or Vajra -Vahini wife of deity ““DEMCHHOK” 2. According to ancient Hindu mythology “Skanda Purana” Lord Shiva lives in the Himalayas and here the mighty holy river Ganga originates from from the foot of lord Vishnu like the slender thread of a Lotus flower. 3. Mount Kailash is axis Mundi of the Earth a center point of origin of the Universe, on it summit Swarga or HEAVEN and it is known as staircase to heaven, Mt Kailash has special mention in Hindu scripture “Ramayana” as sacred Mount Meru 4. Lord Shiva married the daughter of Himalayas “Parvati” and hence became the descendant of Himalayas and king of holy mountain Kailash 5. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is considered holy in all religions-Hindus, Buddhist, Bongs and Jain's. 6. There are 4.95 lakhs different forms of deities sitting at Kailash. 7. Lake Mansarovar is described as “Anotatta” or “Anavatapta” which means -A lake without heat and trouble, Buddhist believe there in the center of lake lies a tree which bears fruit of heaven and cures all kinds of human mental and physical ailments a holy dip in the Lake Mansarovar dissolves the sins of 100 lifetimes. 8. Him-alaya Him meaning Snow and Alaya meaning home or Abode of snow, heavenly Abode of Shiva. 9. Mt. Meru or holy Kailash has emerged from the bottom of the Earth as a outcome of oceanic upheaval as the geography of walls of the Kailash peak is made of conglomerate of pebbles cemented together. 10. Shangrila or Shalagrama or Shaligram a mysterious city inside Mt. Kailash is nothing else but a marine fossil of the Tethys Sea. It is a symbol of Shalagrama or 3rd Eye of Vishnu ,Origin of 4 holy rivers Bhramaputra from East side, Indus from north side, Sutlej in the west and Karnali in the south. Kailash Mansarover is full of stories, legends and astonishing beauty-It is definitely a journey to HEAVEN.

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