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Who discovered Mount Kailash and stated that this particular mountain is Mount Kailash?

Discovery of sacred Mount Kailash has a fascinating story behind.

According to Hindus religious scriptures Mt. Kailash is heavenly abode of Shiva a palace a home where Shiva is associated with and sits at the top of the peak in a deep state of transcendental MEDITATION.

Hindu religion most sacred religious transcripts: Ramayana has mention about Mount Kailash peak.

1. Sugreev sent his vanaar sena in search of mother Sita in all 4 directions; till date it considered as the most extensive expedition ever.

2. Vanaar sena extensively searched for lost Goddess Sita and it was a belief that these monkeys had taken a re-birth so that they could participate in this search forever during the process of re-incarnation of lord Vishnu to eradicate adharmis/anti-social elements in Treta yug.

3. Three peaks of Himalayan range were discovered during Sugreev led expedition to search Goddess Sita and in this process of search they returned with new information about existence of 3 mountain peaks of Himalayas – Kala , Sudharshana and Devasakha.

4. Sugreev led expedition was well informed in advance about the existence of Mount Kailash post crossing a very large segment of barren land a magical peak will be there which was Mount “Meru or Kailash” as known by all of us today.

5. Army of monkeys found the information shared by Sugreev true – the mentioned land lie in the plains of Tibet –China the location and existence of sacred mount Kailash was geographically correct and accurate as mentioned by Sugreev.

6. Sugreev also informed his army of monkeys about the description of a peak and landmark pass

I. Mt. Karuncha (impossible tunnel to get across )

II. Mt. Kaama(treeless peak ) and

III. Mt. Maanasa(Abode of birds)

7. Co-relation with Ravana and Himalayan peak –Sugreev also feared that Ravana the devil who was behind abduction of Goddess Sita could have taken shelter in these Himalayan region around Mt. Kailash.

8. According to Hindu scriptures Ravana –supreme king of demons performed strict Pooja at the foothills of Mt. Kailash to please Lord Shiva hence existence of “Rakshas Taal” – a lake of darkness and impurity indicates and point towards the story to be true.

9. Mount Kailash is the centre of the Earth a control locus for all activities on Earth a staircase to heaven. This center point of the universe starts and end at Kailash known as “Axis Mundi” of the Earth – an origin point a place of creation and divine superpowers

10. Mount Kailash remains the top of the pilgrimage destination despite being difficult trek and thousands of pilgrim visit Kailash every year just to feel the presence of their most beloved God –The creator –SHIVA.

Thus we conclude saying that Mt. Kailash always existed since primitive times and all religious scriptures have special mention about the existence and hence the discovery is in Ramayana not just Hindus popular religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Bon.

Om namah Shivaay

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