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Unwind Yourself for an Adventure plus Religious Experience

Kailash Mansarovar - A journey for life,similar words may have crossed your mind many a times before but for some reason or the other you are restraining yourself to this expedition of joy and righteous journey .

A peak that has never been climbed or conquered before by any human, it is believed that only a pure soul free of all sins can try to reach the summit.

Adventure literally means something that happens by chance, fortune or luck. We at Comfort my travel believe Kailash Yatra is probably the biggest adventure of your life which combines chance, luck and fortune and of course blessings of the lord Shiva to purify your mind and soul. There are 4 major routes to reach Kailash are :-

1- Lipulek Pass Ex Uttarakhand , generally longer route and take about 24 days

2- Nathula Ex Delhi via Sikkim , generally takes 21 days

3- Kathmandu , safest short duration of 12 days

4- Road jounrey via Lhasa generally takes 18 days

Kailash yatra as per believed by Hindus is a staircase which leads to heaven. Kailash -heavenly abode of lord Shiva who is worshipped by Hindus and most religions across the world, Kailash yatra undoubtedly remains one of the most sacred adventure tours in the world.

Kailash Mansarover trek located at approx 21,778 ft above sea level in the beautiful Tibetan Himalayan range. Kailash Parkirma is around 52 kms which included trekking, walking or with help of pony /Yak due to uneven terrain, generally all pilgrims desire to complete this trek in a single day.

Weather is generally dry and cold around the Kailash region,summers are generally the best time to complete this yatra , highs and lows of this terrain makes Kailash journey an adventure trek Public Climate at Kailash around the year Day temperature generally ranges around 11-15 degrees Celsius. Night temperatures mean temperatures are around 0 to -4 degrees Celsius,Day temperatures are pleasant and around 15 degrees during May to Dec period. Wind speeds rangesfrom 19 - 35 Kmph , average mean wind speed remains at a range of 18-25 Kmph around the year wind direction is SSW (south west) most times in the year .

Kailash trek is not an easy trek because of the ever changing weather conditions; high altitude sickness requires lot of walking around 15 hours to complete the journey.

Mansarovar lake high altitude freshwater lake in the world, at a height of 4500 meters, Lake Mansarovar stands at the bottom of the sacred Mt. Kailash, Tibet region, it's considered as one of the holiest lakes in the world, lake mansarovar is spread in an area of 300 sq kilometers, depth around 90 feet and with shore length of 25 kilometers, lake is placid and fresh water lake snow covered in winters and is crystal blue in color.

Devotee who drinks the water of holy Kailash Mansarover Lake achieves moksha and is believed to be cleansed of all sins. In Hindus, there are 5 sacred lakes collectively called Panch-Sarovar and are mentioned in holy Shrimad Bhagavata Purana

1. Mansarovar

2. Bindu Sarovar,

3. Narayan Sarovar

4. Pampa Sarovar

5. Pushkar Sarovar

Don’t forget to carry trekking accessories like shoes, warm clothes, gloves, flash battery lights, medical kit and other necessary items before you start your adventurous and holy trek to Kailash. Remember we all have one lifetime to make it count so don’t hold back and start your Kailash expedition today and add this everlasting experience to your life's calendar.

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