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The Unsolved Mysteries of Kailash- Adventures Revealed

There is something about Kailash –Mystery mountain that the whole universe is trying to DECODE well Unsuccessful attempts so far.

Lord Shiva-Gods of the gods is believed to live on Earth with wife Parvati at mystical and magnificent Kailash region.

Unsolved Mysteries of Mount Kailash

Let me just take to virtually to the land of unsolved mysteries –Secrets and stories that are untold, yet to be validated or proven by Science yet it exists and challenge us all about the Existence of Shiva and an unusual phenomenon that takes place at Kailash every day. Most of the devotees who have experienced such adventures would say Yes - God Exists in the form of Kailash and feel they were an Audience to God at mount Kailash.

Here is a list of untold stories and mysteries behind Kailash:-

1. Is Kailash heavenly abode of Shiva- Yes

All ancient scriptures and religions books like our Vedas and purans have informed us in details about the existence of Shiva at Mt. Kailash for nearly 21000 years which is in the shape of meditating Shiva at the top of the mountain. There are supernatural powers felt by most

pilgrims and superhumans’ lives at Kailash.

2. Mount Kailash or Om Parvat –Does “OM” symbol exists?

Om Parvart at Mount Kailash

A huge Om symbol is created naturally atop Mount Kailash when there is snow it rearranges itself to symbolize “OM”- is the power of Shiva, it is believed that Universe creation and destruction consists of frequency 7.83 Hz, this natural frequency is also behind systematic

planetary movements of Sun, Earth, and Moon. Om has specific mention and relevance in Hindus scriptures and many religions in India, Nepal, Tibet and Indonesia and also in many different parts of the world.

3. Are Mount Kailash hollow and has shaped like a four-sided pyramid?

Some Researchers from Russians have studied and claimed that Mt.Kailash is indeed hollow from inside and geologists who studied the Kailash concludes that the geometry and symmetrical pyramidal structure of the mountain emits positive energy equally in all directions which are only possible when Kailash is hollow, The pyramid shaped Mt. Kailash is the center of the universe and is in central position to hundreds of small mountains around Kailash region.

4. Does time travel faster at Kailash? –YES

It is believed that Time and directions meet at Kailash and time travel faster here, so for example if the growth of hair and nails for average humans that occur in around 2 weeks, here at Kailash same growth happens in just 12 hours spent around Kailash which is around 99%

faster than normal conditions.

5. Mysterious shaped of Lakes- Moon and Sun Exists… YES

Mysteries Shaped Mansarovar Lakes

a. Highest freshwater lake is the sacred “Mansarovar” lake is round like “SUN” which represent positive energy just like the sun emits in our solar system and on the contrary other lakes known as “Rakshas Taal” is salty and devil’s lake in the shape of MOON(small arc-shaped like 1st quarter descending moon)which represents negative energy and Lunar system.

6. Is natural symbol Swastik visible at Kailash Pavat? ……YES

When Sunsets and shadows start to come down on the sacred mountain, The shadow forms the shape of “Swastika” symbol –A symbol associated with purity and auspicious times can be

seen from the south face of Kailash at sunsets.

7. Was there a sage who reached the top of Mt. Kailash ?-…Yes

One highly renowned Tibetan sage(saint) named “Milarepa” was able to scale the sacred mountain Kailash and have reached the top, Milrepa is a very famous sage who spread

Buddhism through his teachings from poetry and songs.

8. Do mountains at Kailash move? …….Yes

Reasons why most climbers and adventurers have never been able to climb or scale Mt.Kailash have shared their stories and have said “it is like mountains move and changes directions” climate also changes so frequently that they didn’t know how far they have reached from the point they started As if Lord Shiva himself is guarding the place and don’t want human souls to summit holy mountain.

9. Is Kailash and mount Meru SAME (as mentioned in epic Ramayan)?... Yes

Mount Kailash is also known as the stairway to heaven, for Hindus and Buddhist Mt.Kailash is the physical manifestation of MERU.

10. A secret entrance to the kingdom of SHAMBHALA… Maybe

Shambhal Kingdom

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) was one of those who believed in the existence of Shambhala. Many others did the same and even tried to reach Shambala. In Tibetan texts, it is written that

Shambhala is a spiritual country that is located in the northwest of Kailash. It is the city of Gods and its ultimate place for tranquility and happiness.

Thanks for your time, Spread the secrets of Kailash to entire UNIVERSE!!

Feel all the mysteries by Visiting Mount Kailash with Us. Kailash Mansarovar Yatra starts from 22 April 2019.

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