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The Magnificent Mount Kailash is widely known as the heavenly abode or house of Lord Shiva. And the first thing any house needs is a main gate or entrance point so people can come in. The entrance spot for the sacred and infamous Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is called The Gate of Salvation, or Yam Dwar. ‘Yama’ is the God of Death and ‘Dwar’ implies Door. Many pilgrims from around the globe visit the holy mountain to have an adventurous and/or spiritual experience, the one they remember for a lifetime. Out of the many destinations or holy spots around Shiva’s heavenly abode, the Yam Dwar is of the most spiritual significance since it deals with heaven and souls.

As per Hindu Mythology, It is said that Yama or Yamraj is given the duty to judge your deeds after your death and deduce where one’s soul shall be taken, depending on its legitimacy and sin. But, as per belief, if you pass through this dwar, the Yamraj’s accountant, Chitragupta removes all your sins from the book of judgement and you will get a place in Heaven. Chitragupta is the one who keeps all records of each and every individual. This depicts the spiritual significance of the Yam Dwar and marks the need of one and all coming to visit the Holy Abode, to walk through this spot before entering.

Yam Dwar is such a place or a holy spot which is of great importance not just for Hindus, but also for the people of Tibet. They believe that Kailash is the home to Demchok, their diety. So every year, they tend to set up a new prayer flag-pole in Tarboche (the name given to the Yam Dwar by Tibetans). This is celebrated as a religious event on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month, every year. People from all over Tibet come on this religious date to experience the clockwise circumambulation or Parikrama. The festival or event lasts for a few days and includes the music of conches, drums and horns.

There are many stories and legends related to the Yam Dwar and the massive Kailash Parvat proving how much mystical and of great importance this place is. One and all shall come and experience the spiritual vibe of this place. Registration already opens for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2020.

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