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Ravana tried to uproot Mount Kailash once-Did mountain move?

Kailashavasi- the native of Kailash the great Lord Shiva is always known for his supreme power and kind-hearted for all his followers/sermons. The story behind 10 headed king of demons “Ravana” shaking sacred Mt. Kailash.

According to “Uttara Kaand” as depicted in holy Ramayana once to show the might of demons and prove a point Ravana once decided to shake and uncap the sacred Kailash Mountain-the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva.

Once Ravana after a victory war was travelling in his famous vimaan “Pushpak” and was trying to fly over the picturesque Kailash Mansarovar region and was startled by the immense natural beauty of the place. He wanted to fly over Mt Kailash however his Pushpak vimaan was unable to fly over Kailash and this was very disharmonious with Ravana to be unable to and explore over the region.

Soon Nandi the bull faced official vahaan of Lord Shiva appeared and confronted Ravana that Kailash Mansarover and holy mountain region are restricted and he can’t fly over the mountain as lord Shiva and Parwati are sitting atop the mountain and not be to be disturbed by no one.

This made Ravana extremely furious and impatient, he made a mockery of the belief of Nandi and said he doesn’t care and made fun of “Nandi” to which Nandi cursed Ravana that one day he will meet his ill fate and will be hunted down by monkeys and apes who will destroy him and his kingdom. However, Ravana didn’t pay heed to Nandi’s caution and went ahead to uproot Mount Kailash.

Ravana with all his might and using all his 20 hands put under the base of Kailash which was also known as “Sumeru” Parbat in the holy scriptures of Ramayana tried to shake the Kailash Mountain.

Goddess Parwati was first to realize that the mountain is trembling and complaint with lord Shiva about the same. To which Lord Shiva smiled as he was already aware of the act of “Ravana” and his menace.

Lord Shiva very calmly pressed the mountain with his toe to keep the mountain rooted and thus trapping Ravana beneath the Mt.Kailash.

Ravana pleaded and cried in grief to let him go and also praised lord Shiva and sang hymns in praise of lord to save him. Shiva, in turn, was pleased and let him go and granted him a wish as well to get hold of a very powerful weapon “The invincible Sword”.

Synopsis of the legendary story-Do faith move mountain, it does undertake sacred Kailash Mansarover yatra and find out.

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