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Preparing for Kailash Mansarovar Yatra? Here’s a self help guide- 3 Big Things

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Preparation

Tip #1 –Reach Kailash with an empty uncluttered mind Just immerse in the beauty of KAILASH MANSAROVAR and don’t expect anything that you will experience like different visions or visual of Mahadev or God himself will come alive, just go with the flow and experience things the way it comes to YOU, rather than trying to feel or witness what others have told you or may have experienced.

Tip #2- Planning and preparations – What you should keep in mind or prepare beforehand

I. Always Eat soul food - All vegetarian meals with no meat, always opt for light meals multiple times during the journey to KAILASH- Fruits, vegetables, Seasonal fruits, Easy to digest light meals with fiber rich food to catalyze digestion when trekking or doing circumambulation.

II. Carry basic medicines always in your back pack - like headache, mountain sickness , pain relievers and if you are under any clinical advice follow the medical practitioner’s advice always while travelling . Done take drug overdose or excessive medicines and always feel that you belong to this part of the world –Kailash Mansarovar and embrace the climatic changes, altitude sickness and cold weather with swift breeze winds.

III. Daily Exercise - Start with a morning 30 mins brisk walk if haven’t started , pick up cycling, swimming or walking in the morning and evening as a routine to be prepared to take the uphill task of circumambulation or complete KORA PARIKRAMA , do basic exercises like Yoga and meditation or a gym preferably.

IV. Packing and luggage - What you should pack in your bags to Kailash.

a. Light luggage –Easy to carry , mobile phones if chargers are common then don’t preferably carry , for 2 weeks journey don’t stuff everything , a light backpack that you could shoulder and carry should be literally be as light as possible.

b. Carry clothes that can be reused and light weight to carry , if you prefer trekking water proof shoes then go ahead check if the shoes are multipurpose and can also be used when not trekking.

c. Winter jacket, warm socks and warm inner wear , hand gloves and warm cap , walking stick, first aid box. d. Currency /Cash that you should carry –Well depends on expenses during the 2 weeks journey, ideally USD currency serves all the purpose and is accepted widely. e. Sippers/water bottles/Sunscreens/Sunglasses, Dry fruits and a poncho to cover your back pack as well even while it is raining.

V. Insurance - Get your insurance from the tour operator who will help you get covered like a good travel insurance, always check and read the policy document as to what is covered and what is not covered

VI. Cultural sensitivity - Be part of the culture and accept the locals /customs of food and behavior of people or groups around you, don’t bear a negative attitude. Just be yourself and avoid conflicts with any person /place.

Tip #3 -- Get out of your Comfort Zone- Nothing GROWS here

Don’t stay in your comfort zone –Look ahead and be ready to adventure and be ready to explore new things new culture , food , new place and new climate ,Be a part of this journey and feel that this is also a home away from home.

Ok now you know what is required, let’s EXECUTE- let’s Begin the Sacred Journey.

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