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Nandi Parbat: A peak in the name of a sacred and faithful vahan of Lord Shiva

Did you know there is a peak named Nandi Parvat near Mt. Kailash while completing the inner Kora Parikrama located at the south face of Mt. Kailash opposite face.

This holy peak is of vital importance and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is incomplete without worshipping the sacred Bull(Nandi) the official carrier of Lord Shiva.

In Hindu mythology, every Hindu deity is associated with an animal as Vahana and depicted in scriptures with their sacred Vahana.

Sacred Bull or Nandi exists in the form of a mountain this peak is tallest amongst all other neighbouring peaks with its sides pointing towards varied cardinal directions thus making a symbol of “BULL”( Nandi)

We consider Kailash Mansarovar Yatra as the most pious pilgrimage destinations amongst all religions-The Bongs, Buddhist, Jains and Hindus.

Nandi Parbat is famous for it the distinct shape of Bull and is closely associated with Lord Shiva resembles like a Holy Bull acting like a “Gatekeeper”It is believed that as Lord Shiva at the peak of Kailash is in deep meditation state and can’t hear the prayers of the common man. Sacred Nandi is the messenger and delivers the messages/prayers to Lord Shiva .

We consider from every corner of the world pilgrims visit Kailash Mansarovar and Nandi as an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva: The worshipper and the follower the believer the sacred carrier.

LEGEND behind Nandi as the official carrier of Lord Shiva

Nandi is introduced as Kashyap and Surabhi’s son-A half bull and half human in some scriptures it is depicted as sitting  Bull with folded limbs in most Shiva temples, Nandi at the age of 7 was quite a literary figure and have gathered all information about all religious scriptures. One day Varuna and Mitra arrived at the place of Kashyap and Surabhi to meet Nandi and shower blessings. To their parent's surprise, Varuna and Mitra told them that life of Nandi is very short and would die at the age of 8. Poor Nandi in utter surprise and watching his parents in grief decided to worship Lord Shiva with all dedication and attention. Finally, Lord Shiva got pleased with little child’s dedication and worship and granted him a wish.

Lord Shiva gave Nandi a necklace and along with a magic Bell that transformed Nandi into half human and half Bull and also declared Nandi as official Vahana of Shiva and honoured him.

We believe it Nandi has superpowers head of Ganas-provider of boons, a symbol of valour, justice, faith and protector of Dharma.

While pilgrims indulge themselves in Kailash Mansarovar trek and in process of completing inner Kora Parikrama they have to pass through the sacred peak-Nandi Parbat.

Mystical Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is agglomerate or various religious milestones and pilgrim encounter such beautiful sites like Ashtapad, Saptrishi caves, Yam Dwar and the list continues.

Without worshipping Nandi Parvat journey to Kailash seems incomplete as official VAHAN-Nandi is the gatekeeper the protector and symbol of instilling peace in the Kailash region.

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