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Mount Kailash – A Way To Heavens

Mount Kailash is considered holy by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. In ancient texts, it is referred to as the center of the world. Mount Kailash is 22,000 ft from the Tibetan Plateau located in China & its has a height of 6666 m. In ancient times Mount Kailash was worshiped by the Eastern cosmologies as Mount Meru.

The reason can be understood from the geographical significance of this place: within 30 miles radius, are the sources of mighty rivers Indus (north called “Sindhu” in India), Sutlej (in west), Brahmaputra (Yarlung Tsang-po in east), and Karnali (largest tributary to the Ganges in south).

 According to the religious belief, most sacred and worthy time to make the Mount Kailash pilgrimage is in the year of horse, as this holy site is believe to be opened first for pilgrims in the year of horse, and 2014 is horse year and happens once in twelve years, so there would have hundreds of pilgrims gather at the Mt.Kailash and carry their ritual ceremony.

Hindus regard this peak as Lord Shiva’s symbolic ‘Lingam’ and worship Mount Kailash, which is the Sanskrit name for the mountain.

Bonpos believe the sacred mountain to be the place where the founder of the Bon religion landed when he descended from the sky.

Tibetan Buddhists believe Kang Rinpoche, which means Precious Snow Mountain, is a natural mandala representing the Buddhist cosmology on the earth and the Jains believe this is the place where their religion’s founder was spiritually awakened.

Mount Kailash is generally cool during nights and warm during days . Mt. Kailash is the most sacred mountain and the center of the world as well. If you make a circle trek around it, your sin could be erased. So, the devotees will go to Mt. Kailash at least once in a lifetime.

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