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Know all about (the) GAURI KUND at Kailash Mansarovar yatra

Kund of Gauri -Goddess of mountains and daughter of mighty king Himavat and queen Mena.

Goddess Maa Parvati a name synonymous with Hindu mythology from ancient times.

Maa Parvati - Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, marriage and children and not to forget devotion. Goddess of great divine power and strength. Wife of most powerful God - Hindu God Shiva and mother of Ganesha and Karitikeyan.

Maa Parvati is a connecting link between a man and a woman and supernatural energy like Shiva and Shakti.

Gauri Kund is a place of tremendous significance while on Kailash journey, It is also like thanking lord Shiva while doing Kailash Parikrama.

1. Gauri Kund –Birthplace of lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesh son of Maa Parvati was born here, it was believed that Lord Ganesha was formed and made up of forth and lather derived from Maa Parvati while she bathed at this sacred pond -Gauri kund.

2. Gauri Kund perfectly round shaped Lake of compassion and purity

A blue colored kund (meaning a reservoir that holds natural water) located at a height of 5608 metres around 18,200 feet (near south face of Mt. Kailash) while at Dirapuk Goma some 2-3 kms downhill pass Gauri Kund is visible.

Your journey to Kailash Mansarovar is not completed unless you pay homage to this unreal “kund” of compassion and happiness.

3. Gauri Kund –Water of LIFE and PURITY Special Jal of Gauri Kund, when splashed over the head of pilgrims will purify them forever. They bring along holy water of Gauri kund back homes.

4. Gauri Kund –A group of 5 small emeralds colored water reservoirs While returning from pious Kailash Yatra it is quintessential to visit Gauri Kund which is made up of 5 small yet magnificent conglomerate of small ponds mesmerizing and filled with drops of purity.

5. Gauri Kund –Massive element of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Son Ganesha after being born was placed at the point of entrance to Gauri kund so that son safeguards the place and sustain trespassers however lord Shiva one day wanted to trespass and was stopped by lord Ganesha being the ardent son of “Maa Parvati” to stop Shiva this made lord Shiva very furious and dejected so he beheaded Lord Ganesha- his own son and takes away his life.

Maa Parvati requested Shiva to bring back his son Ganesha to life and thus Shiva took the head of a wandering elephant and replaced it with head of Ganesha thus bringing his son back to life and made Maa Parvati happy again.

A visit to Gauri kund is not just an essential part of Kailash tour but it should never be overlooked when on the sacred journey to Kailash.

Maa Parvati showers blessings to all those pilgrims and purify them, liberate them from all sufferings whosoever splashes holy “JAL” of this unprecedented and blissful perfectly round shaped lake makes the Kailash journey complete.

Don’t miss it when at Kailash –A darshan of Gauri kund is a must….

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