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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra subsidy is it for real and for all?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

True for all U.P native residents Yes you read it right. This week’s top story about Kailash subsidy or financial assistance led under the leadership of honorary Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shree Yogi Adityanath.

In March’ 17 Shree Yogi Adityanath announced doubling of financial grant from existing 50,000 Rs to 1 Lakh. While Uttar Pradesh government is generous enough to encourage pilgrims to complete the treacherous Kailash circuit for pilgrimage financial grant of Rs 1 Lakh will definitely aid will mitigate the tour cost which is around 2 lakhs and will be pocket friendly if supporting he cause and will leverage high tour cost involved in yatra. Kailash Mansarover yatra is a landmark achievement in itself. If most of you don’t know it is also included in the tentative list of Worlds’ heritage site by UNESCO under natural and cultural sacred Landscape heritage site. Comfort my travel as an organisation believes in financial assistance and equality for all pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh who have travelled to Kailash Mansaorvar as a tour operator for the year 2018 and 101 pilgrims who have applied for financial grant have received the financial amount in their bank account/cheques some of the pilgrims also attended the “Anudan” ceremony.

All state governments have also announced subsidy grant for all Kailash yatri's. To read more on process and procedures to claim subsidy kindly visit our blog section on website. Walking into Clouds a journey to heaven and back- Kailash Mansaorvar yatra is now in reach for common man with financial grant in effect for almost all states of India. Don’t wait now, a journey to Kailash is like no other in the world and financial assistance is no road block for Kailash enthusiasts. Be a part of the Kailash revolution and visit the world’s heritage site.

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