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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra – Are you fit enough to Go?

Explore the unexplored at Kailash Mansarovar yatra .Many pilgrims ask are they fit enough to pursue Kailash Yatra. Is it physically challenging?

Here is a guide to answer all your questions regarding fitness levels required for Kailash yatra.

  1. You don’t need go to Gym and tone your muscles , of course not–All that is required is well being

  2. Daily morning walk for 2-5 Kms is always helpful not only for Kailash but also for your heart, it is also advised by doctors across the Globe

  3. Yoga or aerobics what is more helpful-Both of them are helpful , Yoga helps to calm your body and mind, Shiva himself is the originator of Yoga and referred to as “ADIYOGI” or the first yogi who practised Yoga. Bhasrika, Kapalbharti,Anulom-Vilom – These yoga-sans will help your lungs retain more oxygen and help during trekking

  4. Climb stairs daily is a good exercise to keep your legs strong and build endurance.

  5. Running or jogging –Running stands out above all exercises, if you are into running there is nothing like it, jogging daily also helps build stamina

  6. Eat healthy and soul food –Always eat healthy and soul food, fibres are always good, balance diet will keep you fit and avoid meat

  7. Indulge yourself in spiritual practice at least 21-40 days prior to yatra-Meditate or read good books on lord Shiva. Om is a very powerful in meditation in all religions

  8. Comfort zone-Get out of your comfort zone as nothing grows inside the comfort zone, be prepared to explore new culture, different food habits and new experiences-Keep your mind clutter free and all your questions will be answered by the land of Shiva-Sacred Mt. Kailash Parikrama

  9. High altitude sickness-Altitude sickness is hard to cope up even for seasoned trekkers, so always listen to instructions and follow your guide, acclimatize to new climate especially after reaching 10,000 feet, walk slowly and always try get good sleep before trekking day

  10. Keep yourself hydrated –Drink lot of water during Kailash yatra, mild headaches are common and indicative of altitude sickness, carry light weight luggage always to help you trek.

No matter how hard you try and prepare yourself for the life changing phenomenon called Kailash yatra-Lord Shiva alone can help you accomplish the daunting task and will not only empower you but will make it easier.

Start chanting Om Namah Shivaay today and immerse yourself in the devotion of Ultimate Lord-Shiva.

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