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Inner Touch-Kora Parikrma –why do it.

The inner kora trek starts before sunrise at the south face of Mt Kailash which is around 34 kms journey at 19,000 feet full of adventure and splendid beauty of Kailash. Inner Kora has special significance while visiting Kailash Mansarovar yatra as special Kora. It is also much more challenging Kora compares to outer Kora trek.

For devotees to complete Inner Kora parikrama, the devotees are taken to the base of the mountain Mt. Kailash as the starting point of this trek, there are different routes available for this trek generally pilgrims prefer the Darchen trek. Inner Kora trek consists of various types of rocks, crevices and is usually covered with snow all the year round and adds to the glory and mystifying touch to your yatra.

Every pilgrim should aspire to complete Inner Kora as the mythology says that anyone who does 108 rounds of Kora Parikrma will be free of all sins and becomes enlightened. During your inner Kora trek you will start from North of Darchen and on the west face you would see a the natural phenomenon of Swastika made up of snow shaping like holy Swastik – A holy symbol which brings good fortune and wellbeing.

During the 34 Kms inner Kora trek there would be meditation caves and hundreds of prayer flags waving at you and also there is the oldest known Buddhist monastery which is near to Gyangdrak Gompa valley. If you are an adventure enthusiast and love challenges or you are a passionate devotee of the Lord Shiva and only if you want a closer look at the Kailash mountain then this inner Kora trek is definitely for you.

Completing the Inner Kora yatra trek is rewarding in itself as you would see some of the most magnificent views of nature and feel the magical energy around the region.

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