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Himalayas and Lord Shiva –A timeless bond

There is a deep, magical and meaningful connection between Shiv Jee and Himalayas since ancient times, There are various stories and Shiv purans has various stories of magical bond between Shiva and Himalayas.

The Himalayas derived from Sanskrit word Him -meaning "snow" and "alaya" which means house of snow, is also known as the heavenly abode of Shiva, the kingdom of Shiva a prominent place where Shiva still is found and believed to stay at Kailash Mansarovar in a deep state of meditation

The Himalayas is a palace, a castle where Lord Shiva is known to be in a deep state of meditation without any hurdles from the material world and interruptions from the outside world. Legends say Shiv jee has wisely chosen the Himalayas as his home as it is the gift of nature and best place in the world to meditate and let your mind be in control.

Lord Shiva has been associated with complex nature and "Rudra" who is not associated with society God Shiva never used to associate with other Gods and wanted to live alone and far from the city or humanly attributes.

There is a fascinating story while Shiva was meditating at Kailash according to ancient Purans. All of the Gods decided to came together and to find a suitable bride for Lord Shiva and found out that Himalaya’s daughter Parvati would be the best-suited bride. Gods decided to approach and discuss with Shiva -who was in a deep state of meditation in the Himalayas and no God dare to persuade or disturb him with a marriage proposal. After much discussion as who would bell the cat -Lord Kama was chosen to pass on the message to Lord Shiva.

Lord Kama is super powerful with a magical bow and arrow and when this weapon is fired at somebody that person will fall in love immediately , So lord Kama reached the place where Lord Shiva was meditating and shot the arrow of love to Shiva so that he could abandon his meditation and get married to "Parvati-Daughter of Himalayas ".Shiva, however, came to know about the ill-fated plans of Lord Kama and in anger opened his evil 3rd eye and burnt the Kama to ashes for causing hindrance to his meditation.

As mentioned in holy books of Purans Shiva finally married to Goddess Parvati and also gave birth to Lord Ganesha who is a very decorated God in Hindu mythology and is worshipped across the world as an auspicious symbol of starting point of any new venture, without the blessing of Lord Ganesha it is just impossible.

Whenever you are visiting Himalayan region, be aware Lord himself is watching you as you are wandering in his Shiva's place, Himalayas are gifted to be quiet, full of peace and divine in itself a place of meditating and to achieve Enlightenment, Even Buddha chose the Himalayas to attain Moksha.

Whenever you are traveling to highest mountain peaks in the world or Himalayan region with your travel bag make sure you keep the serenity and purity of the region with a naman to Shiva as he doesn’t like to be disturbed.

There is much more to the connection between Shiva and the mighty Himalayas some things that can only be felt and not discovered -You have to be there at his place to unbox your positive energy of beautiful Himalayas. It is like the body is of Himalayas and soul of Shiva -can’t be separated from each other.

One such yatra which can be accomplished is Kailash Mansarovar yatra which takes you one step closer to the this palace of supreme God - Shiva.

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