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Climbing Mount Kailash: Can We Climb up to Mount Kailash? Is It allowed?

No, it is not permitted to scale holy Mount Kailash under any circumstances.

Standing tall at 22,000 feet Mount Kailash in autonomous region of Tibet is considered sacred by all religions- Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bongs.

Hindus believe Lord Shiva the supreme Lord sits in a state of perpetual meditation on the peak of the mountain no one except lord Shiva is permitted to reach at the summit of Kailash.

Legends believe that Lord Shiva resides at Mt. Kailash in a state of meditation and he doesn’t like to be disturbed at all, heavenly abode of Shiva Mt. Kailash is pristine and gleaming with beauty. No one is allowed to scale the summit as the Lord himself have not permitted any soul to reach atop mountain his home his palace.

No human soul born have ever climbed sacred Kailash, though attempts were made to scale the holy peak by some mountaineers

From the year 1980 the Chinese government have banned any sort of trekking to climb the mountain is strictly prohibited. It is popular belief that any soul only free of any sins could attempt to climb Kailash which is impossible task to accomplish in modern world. Tibetan Buddhists believe DEMCHOK- Budhist supreme lord lives on the top of mountain.

In old Chinese holy books only Milarepa- A Tibetan monk a sorcerer have believed to have scaled the holy peak, Milarepa is worshipped as Padmasambhava the lord in Buddhism.

Hindu epic Mahabharta also have special mention of Mount Kailash it was believed that Pandavs along with wife Draupadi trekked to the summit of Kailash for liberation also known as SWARGALOK in ancient Hindu scriptures.

Ramayana also have special mention about a Golden mountain that is Axis Mundi or the centre point of the Universe Lord Hanuman came in search of life saving herb- Sanjeevani to save Lord Lakshman from the unconscious state, Lord Hanuman came in search of this herb in the Himalayan region and lifted the piece of mountain to save Lord Lakshman during the battle with Ravana at Sri Lanka.

Few Russians and Siberians tried to climb the mountain in the 19th and 20th century trying to scale the sacred Mt. Kailash however all attempts made were unsuccessful as most of them either were lost or they vanished beyond a centre point at Mt.Kailash.

Few researchers have also mentioned Ageing process fastens at Kailash and people who been to Kailash region have undergone ageing of 8-10 weeks in 2-3 days.Some mountaineers have also died due to rapid ageing at Kailash Mansarovar region while attempting to scale the holy peak.

Dr Ernst Muldashev- A Russian physicist wrote in his research work that Kailash is definitely related to life on Earth.The scheme of mountains are very similar to structure of DNA molecules- Life originates in modern world via DNA blocks.

Journey to Kailash Mansarovar is like Journey to heaven and back a holy trek with pure intention in service to God is permitted and to circumambulate the mountain not to climb it.


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