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10 tips to shake yourself and worship Lord Shiva 

It is not hard to please the greatest of the greatest God- Mahadev 

Don't believe me Read more:-

Lord Shiva is one the Lord who is known to get pleased easily and shower blessing to all his devotees

Tip 1- Monday belongs to the Shiva the Creator, as it is the start of the new week a new beginning it is always good to start the week with a visit to the nearest Shiva temple pray with a clutter free mind. Do fasting if you are fit to do that.

Tip 2- Offer milk to the Shiva Linga, Bhel patra to the Lord, wear a tilak of Vibhuti(Bhasma) on your forehead

Tip 3- Don;t forget to chant the most vibrant sound in this Universe “Om Namah Shivvay” it is believed scientifically also that even when SUN creates energy the sound is of “AUM”

Tip 4- Perform Abhishekam to Lord Shiva linga, it is good to light a diva and lamp a Jyoti near the idol

Tip 5- After completion of Pooja don’t forget to offer prayers to the sacred official guard of lord Shiva-The Bull Nandi which is most commonly found at most of the popular Shiva temples

Tip 6- Enchant any Shiva mantra and offer Prasad to the poor outside or the needy also share prasad with friends,family and colleagues Remember sharing is the key and Lord like it to spread the goodness

Tip 7- All those willing to achieve spiritual enlightenment should worship and immerse themselves in the worship of Lord Shiva.

Tip 8- Shaivam meaning associated with Shiva a world free of suffering immersed in the worship of Lord Shiva, so keep the spirit high and follow Shiva as he is the only saviour G-I-R-I-S-H-A lord who sleeps on the peak of Mt.Kailash.

 Kailashashvi- A native of Kailash, God who wears Moon in his hair

Tip 9- Read holy books Shiva Purana and other Hindu Scriptures 

Tip 10- Lord Shiva and Parvati is considered as the father and mother of the Universe and Lord Ganesha as the holy son of the parents always remember to offer prayer to Lord Ganesha and Shiva Parvati as one

To uncover the magic of Shiva read archives of Shiva 

Mahadeva- Greatest of the greatest the nothingness, everything, the beginning, the End, the Creator the Destroyer the ADI YOGI. Keep reading and worship Lord Shiva-The beginning the Good.

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